#Online event: IntelliCon: Your Analytics in ACTION

Date(s) - 14/10/2021 - 15/10/2021

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IntelliCon: Your Analytics in Action is the GLOBAL event that celebrates DATA! Come join us to hear experts involved with eLearning data and analytics, how data is used, and IntelliBoard user stories. We’ve designed the conference to focus on learning analytics which lifts the eLearning experience in a number of different ways. Come be surrounded by like-minded people who live for the power that data provides us!  Join us for:

  1. GET INSPIRED: how can data help you?
  2. Workshops: two concurrent tracks dedicated to learning analytics and IntelliBoard user stories/power users
  3. Building communities of practice
  4. Moderated panel discussions
  5. Sponsor sessions
  6. Prizes

With the global shift in education practices still evolving, learning management system data is more important than ever. Be part of the evolving eLearning landscape, and jump aboard the data train! Let’s gain insights and understanding for our global travels together.

Click here for more info and the schedule.

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