#Online event: Kubernetes Athens vol13

Date(s) - 11/02/2021
18:00 - 19:00

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We are happy to announce the 13th Athens Kubernetes Meetup with a talk about: “Introducing the next generation of Kubernetes Ingress management”.

The networking landscape in Kubernetes is evolving. As Ingress providers’ capabilities have evolved, they continue to rely heavily on proprietary annotations or CRDs to manage common use cases within Ingress resources such as TLS, cookies, priority, host, and path management. In January 2021, the Service API working group released the first alpha version of their new specifications.

Manuel will discuss the road ahead with the Service API and how this new API aims to bring vendor neutrality to the Ingress networking landscape. Along with the discussion, Manuel will demonstrate these recent changes and how they operate using Traefik and illustrate how these changes are the first step towards a more manageable toolset for Ingress.

In this presentation, attendees will learn more about:
• The current state of the Ingress networking ecosystem, how vendors have dealt with constraints, and the challenges this presents for adopters of Kubernetes
• The technical implementation of the Service API specification within Traefik and the role it will play in making Ingress easier to use and vendor agnostic
• How to utilize the new Service API with Traefik, MetalLB, and Kubernetes

About Manuel Zapf :
Manuel is the Head of Product Open Source at Traefik Labs, the company behind the famous reverse proxy, Traefik Proxy. His focus is on making the Open Source Projects such as Traefik Mesh, Traefik Proxy & Yaegi better. He has spoken at various conferences in Germany, as well as was part in certain webinars together with partners such as Rancher or on the CNCF.

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