#Online event: Linux.conf.au Systems Administration Miniconf

Date(s) - 23/01/2021

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Linux.conf.au Systems Administration Miniconf

The linux.conf.au Systems Administration Miniconference is held as part of the official Linux.conf.au conference. Linux.conf.au is Australasia’s largest Linux conference, and attracts developers and users of free and open source software from around the globe.

The Systems Administration Miniconf focuses on tips, tricks, tools, and best practices used to manage real-world Linux environments both large and small. Attendees of this Miniconf improve their ability to manage their Linux systems environment both now and in the future, and meet others with similar goals.

An important aim is to provide talks directly useful to professional Linux administrators.

The Miniconf has been held in person at the 2006 and 2008-2019 Linux.conf.au conferences, and will be held online only at Linux.Conf.Au 2021 on 23 January 2021 (UTC+11).

linux.conf.au Tickets are still on sale, including a Miniconf Day only ticket (which is not usually an option). But the shorter Online Only linux.conf.au has very affordable tickets this year so we encourage you to attend the whole conference.

For more information, see LCA2021 Sysadmin Miniconf Programme (draft), and presentation abstracts.

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