#Online event: MiniDebConf India

Date(s) - 23/01/2021 - 24/01/2021

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What is Debian?

Debian is a free operating system put together by thousands of volunteers around the world who work for a wide variety of organizations and often contribute using their own free time and also with support from their employers. While there are many commercial companies that support Debian, the Debian project is independent and run by its community members. The Debian GNU/Linux operating system is a collection of free software packages. Currently, Debian is made up out of more than 50000 packages. You can read more about Debian on the Debian website or on Wikipedia.

What is DebConf?

DebConf is an annual conference where Debian contributors get together to work on Debian. It usually happens in person, although in 2020 we held it as an online event due the the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is a MiniDebConf?

A MiniDebConf is similar to DebConf but more localised and these types of events can happen throughout the year. In 2020 we tried out first online MiniDebConf. It was a chance for us to get together online even though we couldn’t do so physically, and also to try out our online tools in preparation for the first online DebConf. It was very popular, so we decided to continue with more online events and aim to continue improving our tools along the way.


Debian India is a group of enthusiasts who would like to expand the Debian community in the sub-continent and thus to increase the number of active contributors to the project. With the mission of spreading the spirit of the Debian project, we are organizing an event which not only caters the English speaking community but also those who can understand Hindi, Malayalam or Telugu. We can also add more languages according to the availability of slots/speakers/volunteers in that particular language. This multi-lingual MiniDebConf is inspired from the sub-tracks in DebConf 20 as well as the MiniDebConf Brazil 2020. Thanks for joining us and all your support! Keep loving Debian…

If you’re new to Debian, know more about the project and DebConf and MiniDebConf events in our About page.

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