#Online event: MoodleMoot DACH

Date(s) - 24/08/2020 - 27/08/2020

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The Moodle un-conference

MoodleMoot DACH is the annual Moodle conference for German, Austrian and Swiss Moodle users and developers.

This event is a mixture of a BarCamp and a DevCamp and is a great opportunity to work hands-on on real Moodle projects, in small teams made of open-source developers, instructional designers and education professionals.

MoodleMoot DACH 2020 online

Join the Moodle community of Germany, Austria and Switzerland for an online MoodleMoot DACH 2020: a 4-day free online event to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences & get hands-on working on Moodle code!

Designed for Moodle users, administrators, teachers, developers and educators working in the higher education sector, the conference is organised in a DevCamp and a BarCamp:

  • DevCamp – August 24 & 25
    Join a two-day intensive hackathon and work with like-minded Moodle developers in real projects: you’ll produce real, working Moodle code while having the opportunity to exchange know-how and validate your ideas.
    You’ll be able to pitch your project at the beginning of the event – or to join the ones pitched by others that spark your interest the most!
  • BarCamp – August 26 & 27
    The BarCamp at #MootDACH20 runs as a non-conference and provides an open environment where people can exchange ideas and learn from each other. The schedule is entirely suggested and picked by participants. If you’d like to submit a proposal for a session, do it in the BarCamp forums before August 25!

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