#Online event: Mozilla Online Action for Earth Day

Date(s) - 22/04/2020
09:00 - 17:00

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As Mozillians there is a lot that we can do, and are doing, to support one another and the causes we care about. So today, we wanted to share what we plan to do for the environment on Earth Day, April 22nd.

While we were hoping to join thousands of others in a march, this of course, is no longer safe or feasible. So, we’ll be joining a global community to take action online. Here’s what we’re planning:

Coordinated action across Mozilla offices and communities.

Social media campaigns focused on Twitter

Join the #earthday room on chat.mozilla.org to stay connected.

Additional resources, including the overarching creative assets for Earth Day are available here: https://www.earthdaylive2020.org/

This is an online-only event

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