#Online event: NIFO coffee talk #2

Date(s) - 18/05/2022
10:30 - 11:30

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We, the NIFO Team, are happy to announce that the European Commission (DIGIT) is organising the second edition of its NIFO coffee talks on interoperability and digital transformation of public administration and services, to be held on Wednesday 18 May, from 9:30 am to 10:30 am CET.

The topic for this second edition of the NIFO coffee talks will be on the evolution of the European countries’ implementation of the EIF recommendations, three years after the EIF monitoring mechanism was first implemented, and how this tool has helped European countries reach higher levels of interoperability.

Our three confirmed guest speakers for this edition of the coffee talk are:

  • Ms. Vicky Margariti, Head of eGovernment and Interoperability Sector at the Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance,
  • Ms. Carla Marques Pereira, Director of Strategy and Digital Government at Portugal’s Administrative Modernisation Agency, and
  • Mr. Mattias Ekhem, Information Architect at Sweden’s Agency for Digital Government.

Eager to learn more about fostering interoperability of public services and related solutions? Willing to exchange with other European countries and share any good practices from your country on how the EIF has helped your country reach a higher level of interoperability? Then look no further and join us on Wednesday 18 May for the second edition of the NIFO coffee talks!

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