#Online event: Open Matters: Building a Hybrid SDO/OSS Model

Date(s) - 24/03/2021
17:00 - 21:00

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The next Open Matters episode tackles the confusion around the convergence of open source and open standards.

For some governments, only a formally sanctioned international standard is acceptable. Industry standards that haven’t been through the PAS process aren’t seen as holding any enforcement. For others, they have been increasingly receptive to industry standards produced by organizations like OASIS Open. For even fewer, open source is starting to be accepted (or even required!).

Formal de jure standards can be an impediment to innovative progress because the perception is that they take long to achieve and hold sway for years after ratification. Often, industry circumvents this by putting out offerings that support newer “standards” and maybe support a backward compatibility mode for the laggards.

When we think about open source, it is a very fluid space. Whether it is new features/innovations, or fixes for defects or vulnerabilities, or adaptations to other frameworks/platforms etc., there are always newer versions being produced, and depending on the context, consumed.

For some protocols, we may have the need to fix a standard, but effective implementations will be designed for forward and backwards compatibility or upgradeability and then it becomes how mature the group is that is producing the software from an operational and governance perspective.

IBM CTO of Open Technology and Fellow, Chris Ferris, joins Guy Martin to answer your questions about the trajectory of what’s needed for organizations to be successful in building a hybrid SDO/OSS model. They’ll reflect on the specific governance required to be successful in each space, as well as the operational best practices that need to play a role. Views will be shared on the current perceptions around the merging of these communities and the steps to be considered to help you breakdown traditional thinking.

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