#Online event: Open Source Project: Automating Cloud Desktop Development Environments

Date(s) - 04/08/2021
19:15 - 23:00

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Zoom room opens at 6.15, meetup starts at 6.30.

Spend an evening collaborating with others on a real open source project to automate spinning up on-demand development environments for any configuration and requirement. All experiences welcome.

👉 Today’s project: Cloud Desktop for automating on-demand, shared development environments

🎉 About the project:
Setting up development environments poses a barrier for new contributors wanting to support open-source projects. What if we could enable open-source projects to spin-up development environments on-demand? What if these used-up compute and memory resources only for the time it was needed? What if these were hosted on the cloud so pairs or teams of developers could collaborate and develop together?

We will collaborate on a Cloud Desktop project that simplifies quickly spinning up development machines that have the necessary dependencies and configuration for the project and addresses the above issue.

Join the session to learn about and contribute to this project. No prior experience is necessary and any software development experience would be advantageous.


🔜 About the session goal:
This time we will start working on the MVP of the Cloud-Desktop CLI tool. Check out the specification by example
Feel free to add some comments/ideas ahead of time.
Thanks a lot, M.S. Koushik for preparing the awesome specs 🙏

A more detailed description of the overall idea is described here: https://github.com/mob-programming-meetup/cloud-desktop/issues/2


Tell us about your project, you would like to work on during a ensemble-programming session. It’s a great way to get new ideas from passionate developers who are interested in open source and collaborative programming. If you like, we can help you select a suitable first task, prepare a collaboration environment, and co-facilitate your first session(s).


👩👨👩👨 About the meetup:

“How can we work together as a team without waiting, distraction, interruption, or multitasking?”
— Woody Zuill, the discoverer of ensemble (aka mob) programming

Software development is a team sport and ensemble-programming a.k.a. mob-programming can be one way to improve team collaboration and reduce waste.

➡️ Join the event and help us creating an ensemble-programming community.

✅ Everybody is welcome, no matter if you have tried ensemble-programming before or are curious to try it for the first time. Also, it doesn’t matter if you are already programming for decades or just getting started. Understanding the basic principles of any programming language will be enough. Usually, there is a good mixture of experience levels in each ensemble.

🧪 Our idea is to work on real projects, but we still want to mainly focus on ensemble-programming and the team process. The actual contribution (Pull-Request) to a project is a secondary goal. Although we still think the chances of submitting a PR are good, the limited time of the event might impose a risk of finishing up with a PR only partially ready. This is okay as long as we are having fun and learn something on the way 😃

🕗 Time schedule:
6.15 – Zoom room opens. Prep time to get ready for the official start.
6.30 – Official start
9.45 – Wrap-up
10.00 – Post-event discussions (optional)

We follow a Code of Conduct for all our events in order to create the best experience possible for all attendees: https://bostonsoftwarecrafters.com/code-of-conduct

P.S. 👉 Looking for sponsors
If you or your employer would like to support us in covering subscription fees or cloud computing costs please reach out to us.

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