#Online event: Open Sourcing the Green Deal: Decarbonisation of Energy Grids

Date(s) - 29/06/2021
18:00 - 19:30

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The sustainability of our planet has become the defining challenge of our time. Digitalisation is a contributor to climate change but it must be part of the solution. The decarbonisation of energy production and distribution is one of the crucial challenges to be solved.

Europe’s energy sector needs to shift away from fossil energy sources to  clean, digitalised and electrified systems with many distributed resources. This shifts the requirements for energy systems and grids, making it necessary to develop multilevel systems to be able to dynamically adjust, work across different geographies, functional layers and multilateral interfaces that are interoperable with each other.

As is the case in other sectors, the innovative and collaborative nature of Open Source Software is a critical factor to achieve the necessary digitisation of energy systems while enabling interoperability. Shared development across companies is necessary to execute fast in order to reduce the energy system’s carbon footprint.

OpenForum Europe has gathered stakeholders to discuss the concrete issues to be resolved and opportunities to be tackled.

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