#Online event: OpenSearch: The Open Source Successor of Elasticsearch?

Date(s) - 27/05/2021
16:00 - 17:00

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OpenSearch project was born out of the passion for Elasticsearch and Kibana and the desire to keep them open source in the face of Elastic’s decision to close-source them. After a couple of months of hard work led by AWS, the Beta release was announced earlier this month under Apache2 license.

On this virtual meetup, run jointly with OpenObservability Talks, Dotan Horovits will host Kyle Davis, Senior Developer Advocate for OpenSearch at AWS. We’ll talk about how OpenSearch came to be, what it took to fork Elasticsearch and Kibana, what the engineers discovered when they dug into the code, what’s planned ahead, and much more.

About Kyle Davis: While being a relative newcomer to Amazon, Kyle has a long history with software development and databases. When not working, Kyle enjoys 3D printing, and getting his hand dirty in his Edmonton, Alberta-based home garden.

About Dotan Horovits: A developer advocate at Logz.io, blogger, podcaster, co-organizer of CNCF Tel Aviv meetup group, among others.

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