#online event: PlatformCON.

Date(s) - 09/06/2022 - 10/06/2022

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PlatformCon was born to celebrate our community of 7k+ Platform Engineers. The brightest Platform & DevOps practitioners on the same (virtual) stage, for the first time.

Platform Stories

Learn from practitioners who built platforms for real life enterprise use cases. Why they did it, the challenges they encountered, the impact they had on their teams. Platform Stories will cover all key aspects of a successful (or not) implementation, from technical tooling decisions to cultural fit and internal buy-in tactics.

Platform Tech

Explore the backbone of developer platforms. From Kubernetes and Terraform to Infrastructure as Code and GitOps, discover the tools and approaches used by the top performing teams to build their platforms. Platform Tech talks will cover both beginner and advanced tooling examples, ranging from hands-on coding to more theoretical sessions.

Platform Culture

Developer platforms don’t live in a vacuum. They are built by engineers for other engineers. Learn from practitioners how to get internal buy-in and ensure a successful platform roll out. Talks will cover all aspects of platform engineering. Often, building the platform is only one building block of an organisation’s transformation strategy.

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