#Online event: Prisma Day 2021

Date(s) - 29/06/2021 - 30/06/2021

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Prisma Day is two day event of talks and workshops by members of the Prisma community, on modern application development and databases. Prisma Day 2021 is taking place June 29-30th and is entirely online.

conference topics

Modern Application Development

From type safety and TypeScript, or GraphQL, or JAMStack and the latest Javascript Frameworks, get an overview of the evolving tool landscape that reshapes how applications are architected, built, and deployed.

Database best practices

A deeper dive into considerations when building stateful applications. Discover the key considerations that give you further control over getting the most out of your data.

Prisma in Production

Discover how users implement Prisma in the their critical applications and what Prisma has in store in the future.

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