#Online event: Public Sector Data Summit 2022

Date(s) - 26/05/2022

QEII Centre

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Public Sector Data Summit 2022

Benefits of Unlocking Data, Utilising AI and Data Analytics

Event Information

Public Sector Data Summit 2022
Thursday 26th May 2022, QEII Centre, London SW1P 3EE  – 

Please note that this is a live face-to-face event (there is no option to attend virtually) 

They say knowledge is power but what are the new technologies available to the public sector to unlock this knowledge?

The public sector as a whole manages colossal amounts of data and as result is becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of unlocking big data, the use of data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. A recent report stated that although all public sector organisations believe these four pillars are key to improving public services and efficiencies within their organisations, over 40% said they were not confident or lacked the knowledge, expertise or experience to fully harness these technologies to their optimum potential.

The Public Sector Data Summit will gather public sector personnel from technology, networks, information, data, finance and procurement functions to the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster on May the 26th 2022.  Throughout the day we will be breaking down the barriers for the delegates to allow them to fully understand and implement new technologies to optimise their huge potential for improvements, efficiencies and savings across local and central government, the NHS and the wider public sector.

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