#Online event: PyConline AU

Date(s) - 04/09/2020 - 06/09/2020

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About PyCon AU

PyCon AU is the national conference for the Python programming community, bringing together professional, student and enthusiast developers, sysadmins and operations folk, students, educators, scientists, statisticians, and many others besides, all with a love for working with Python.

PyCon AU informs the country’s Python developers with presentations, tutorials and panel sessions by experts and core developers of Python, as well as the libraries and frameworks that they rely on.

PyCon AU is typically held in two year blocks at the same city.

About the conference

PyConline AU 2020 will be held on the Internet, in the Curlyboi Convention Centre.

If you’re new to our event, you might also want to read about the culture of PyCon AU.

4 Sep: Specialist tracks

The first day of PyCon AU is dedicated to specialist tracks. These tracks, also known as ‘miniconfs’, are curated by smaller specialist groups within Python community, and allow for more in-depth talks on the subject.

This year we will have five fantastic tracks:

  • DjangoCon Australia: returning for their eighth year, this track is all things Django. Stories and fairy tales about Django, web development in Python, ponies, and unicorns 🦄!
  • Security and Privacy: How (and why) to be safe on the Big, Scary Internet, and avoid being the next headline data breach.
  • Education: Learn about learning, teach about teaching, and educate about education
  • Science, Data, & Analytics: Data and number crunching, analysis and visualisation, machine learning, and how those things affect us human beings.
  • DevOops: Learning from Failure: as their inaugural PyConline appearance. “Learn from our failures, or teach us about yours”.

5 Sep: Conference main track

Saturday will be the main conference event of PyCon AU condensed down to a single day. We invite speakers from all backgrounds and levels of knowledge to share their experience and knowledge with our audience.

6 Sep: Development sprints and social events

Development Sprints provide an unstructured location for projects and contributors to work in real time on their projects, or for people to hack about with various things with people with experts in their fields.

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