#Online event: Python fwdays’20 online conference

Date(s) - 23/05/2020

Κατηγορία(ες) Δεν υπάρχουν κατηγορίες

Python fwdays’20 online conference is the conference, that is dedicated to Python topics: web dev, natural language processing, testing, Python fundamentals. We will talk about development, project organization and best practices for creating good code.

What to expect from our online conference:

  • Talks

    Every talk will be about 50 minutes long. We’ll put together a schedule for the 2 days of the conference and put it up on our website a week before the start.

  • Online streaming

    You’ll get a link for an online stream on the eve of the conference. And in addition to the talks, we’ll answer questions from the audience and raffle prizes from the conference’s partners.

  • Zoom discussions

    There you’ll be able to have live Q&A sessions with speakers and ask questions out loud. The link to the zoom room will also be in the email you’ll receive before the beginning of the conference.

  • Chat via Telegram

    For random conversations and additional questions. To ask a question, please type a hashtag #qa and tag a speaker you want to hear from. Join our conference chat at Telegram and have fun!

    Click here for more info.

    Click here to see the schedule.

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