#Online event: The Big Transaction

Date(s) - 04/11/2021 - 05/11/2021

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The Big Transaction is a two-day, single track virtual conference dedicated entirely to the art of payments engineering. Join us in November and learn the best strategies, architectures, tips, and tricks for building high quality payment systems that work at scale!

Our Conference Focus

Surviving Payments

Building a payment system is no easy feat given the ever-changing needs and regulations for businesses. Yet almost all companies need to deal with these challenges in some form. As such, we want to create a series of talks focused on the monitoring, testing, and architectural strategies that will ensure you can always sleep at night after shipping.

Our conference will feature 12 speakers, with each talking about their own experience on wrangling complexity, solving real-life scenarios, and creating robust and flexible payment systems.

Our Audience

Would I Like This Conference?

The Big Transaction is all about sharing knowledge and exploring how to create better payments and billing systems. We feel strongly that the best way to do this is to bring people together in a common space to talk and learn from each other. If any of the examples below sound like you, we think you would really enjoy this conference:

  • Your company has an antiquated payment system you want to improve, but you’re not sure where to start.
  • You work in the payment space and want to learn the latest in payments engineering methodologies and best practices.
  • You find the constant changing in payment laws and compliance in different parts of the world difficult to follow and are looking for clarity.
  • You love working in payments and want to share your thoughts and learn from others to take your skillsets and ideas to the next level.
  • You prefer conferences where you are intentionally given time and opportunities to build real connections with like-minded developers in the payments space.

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