#Online event: The Data Governance Act and Data-Driven Policymaking: Impact and Practical Implementations

Date(s) - 16/02/2021
15:00 - 16:00

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The proposed regulation on European data governance will foster the availability of data for use by increasing trust in data intermediaries and strengthening data-sharing mechanisms across the EU,

Policy Cloud, Cyberwatching, DUET, and URBANITE invite big data and cloud solutions providers and policymakers from industrial, commercial and public realities to an expert briefing on the perceived scope of the Data Governance Act, the implications for cybersecurity and GDPR, and the practical ramifications for public and business administrations


“We are defining today a truly European approach to data sharing. Our new regulation will enable trust and facilitate the flow of data across sectors and Member States while putting all those who generate data in the driving seat. With the ever-growing role of industrial data in our economy, Europe needs an open yet sovereign Single Market for data. Flanked by the right investments and key infrastructures, our regulation will help Europe become the world’s number one data continent.” Commissioner for Internal Market, Thierry Breton. 25 November 2020.


  1. Introduction to the DGA and the Policy Cloud Legal and Ethical Framework for Data-Driven Policymaking, Alberto Bettiol (ICTLC International & Policy Cloud)

  2. The DGA and the Cybersecurity/Privacy Implications for Policymakers, Public Administrations, R&I Projects, and SMEs, Paolo Balboni (ICTLC International & Cyberwatching) 

  3. Practical Implications of the DGA for Data-Sharing in Digital Urban Twins, Pavel Kogut (DUET)  

  4. Round Table discussion, Alberto Bettiol, Martim Taborda Barata, Pavel Kogut, Sergio Campos Cordobes, Paolo Balboni

Who should attend

  • Policymakers
  • Public administrators
  • Big data, cloud and solutions providers


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