#Online event: The Global FinTech Design Summit 2021

Date(s) - 25/05/2021 - 27/05/2021

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Welcome to the 6th Edition of the Global Fintech Design Summit!

Coming to you online again in 2021, we are capitalising on the positives of the online format and a now global audience, to present a more culturally diverse overview of the world’s evolving FinTech market.

Spanning three days – for the Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) and APAC (Asia Pacific Countries) regions – each day is split into two stages, which will hone in on the unique experience needs across the Business to Consumer and Business to Business sides of the FinTech market. Drawing on real-world experiences and learnings from leading FinTech’s around the planet, our conference aims to deliver practical tools and frameworks which you can apply to your own work.

The Business to Consumer stage is dedicated to financial products which are designed specifically to support end consumers. In this stage, we will discuss the countless number of experience needs of consumers around the world and in different financial markets. We will present FinTechs from across the planet that promote financial health and increased flexibility for businesses, through transparent, accessible design.

The Business to Business stage will showcase products that support the financial health and expansion of businesses. You will learn to understand how leading Business to Business FinTech’s use experience-led design and technological advancements to support the external growth of their clients, as well as their internal finances.

Each day of the conference is split into two stages, and each day is scheduled for a specific region.

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