#online event: The international cyber lab at the Black Sea

Date(s) - 27/05/2022

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Starting from 2022, the first edition of the International Cyber Lab at the Black Sea (#CyberLabBlackSea) will take place in Vama Veche, Romania. By participating in the Cyber Lab one will go through an intense programme that allows participants to gain practical understanding of cyber security. During the Cyber Lab, participants will experience gamified learning, namely work on challenging hands-on cases provided by experts from international organisations.

More details will follow closer to the date, for questions please contact the initiator of the project D. Catalui via e-mail below.

What is gamified cyber training? In the cyber security world, highly skilled human resource is scarce (Harvard Business Review-HBR, 2017). Good training for on-the-job professionals is essential according to HBR. Cyber education refers to face-to-face training, demos, quizzes, educational articles, but particularly game-based learning. An exemplification for better understanding could be found in references like CyberReadyGame, the Network and Information Security quiz (ENISA), and the Network and Information Security Education map (ENISA). But gamification is introduced in cyber education also in the form of table-top cyber exercises like Cyber Europe or Locked Shields and different other facilitated exercise games.

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