#Online event: The Open Source Infrastructure Conference_stackconf

Date(s) - 16/06/2020 - 18/06/2020

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WHAT IS stackconf online ALL ABOUT?

stackconf is about open source infrastructure in the spectrum of continuous integration, container, hybrid and cloud solutions. Bridging the gap between development, testing and operations is one of the fundamental paradigms in modern IT. stackconf covers this concept from multiple perspectives.


Now online

Due to concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided to turn stackconf 2020 into an online conference. Our speakers support us here. Almost all of them confirmed their talks. That’s great! The stackconf online agenda is now available. All talks will be presented in a single track over the course of three days from June 16 – 18, 2020. You can easily attend and watch! Find more information at our FAQ page.

What remains? Pretty much everything stays the same in the new online format: Well-known open source professionals talk about cutting-edge infrastructure concepts. As always, an important focus is on the exchange within the community, getting together with the speakers and having fun while learning.

So it is certainly not about just watching! stackconf is a highly interactive online event. Chat with the experts. Spice up open discussions with your thoughts in the hallway channel and in various topic-related channels. Meet friends and fellow infrastructure experts in private chats.

Plus a community evening will conclude the lecture program of the second conference day – Wednesday, June 17, 2020. We’ll continue the topic-related discussions, and open the gaming arena, where you can compare your special skills. Short: There is plenty of opportunity to have fun!

What are you waiting for? Participate and join us online!


Still cutting-edge

How IT experts run their applications and infrastructure in production has a big influence on how they design and build their technology stack. At stackconf you learn how.

Well-known international open source experts present their ideas within our three-day online lecture program. Expect an intensive exchange of experience and inspiring encounters in the live chat with the speakers!

Trendsetting concepts, state-of-the-art technical expertise, top-level discussions and new perspectives in dealing with large infrastructures have shaped the event, formerly known as OSDC, since 2009.

As one of the leading open source infrastructure events in Europe the conference attracts more than 150 visitors per year – and we are very excited to see how many will join us online!



Who you will meet?

The international stackconf audience includes renowned infrastructure specialists, industry leaders, experienced administrators and IT architects as well as a wild bunch of open source community enthusiasts.

Catch up on the latest developments in infrastructure technologies and initiate forward-thinking projects!

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