#online event: The State of Open Data Roundtables

Date(s) - 22/06/2022 - 24/06/2022

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A series of roundtables taking place between June 22-24 to gather perspectives regarding the use and impact of open data

It has also been almost five years since we finished work on the first edition of The State of Open Data. D4D.net is launching a new process to update the State of Open Data to reflect how the open data agenda has shifted to reflect the pandemic and global developments since the first edition. To kick off the process, we are hosting a series of roundtables to gather perspectives on the recent use and impact of open data around the world – from data governance, artificial intelligence, and data protection, to climate action, statistics, gender, and health.

The original State of Open Data Report framed the future of open data based on information and evidence gathered from the community, including insights from more than 65 authors across sectors and regions from around the world. Some of the main recommendations revolved around opportunities for greater collaboration on key issues: For practitioners to think politically and increase inclusion. For policy-makers to pick a specific problem to solve. For researchers to reboot the research agenda. For funders to move open data into the mainstream and ensure data literacy. These new roundtable discussions will provide an opportunity to review how these challenges and opportunities are playing out in the field and to identify more lessons learned that we can build upon.

Our first series of roundtable discussions will take place between June 22 to 24, 2022 when we will convene experts to discuss recent developments around AI, Anti-corruption, Climate Action, Gender, and Statistics. Join us on this journey. Registration will be open on June 1st, 2022.

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