#Online event: Transparency by Design: Summit

Date(s) - 16/06/2020 - 18/06/2020

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— Register for active participation in panels & team discussions: https://bit.ly/3bLvLWg
— Apply as a panelist here: https://bit.ly/36cpj9T
— Watch livestream for joining talks & keynotes on our FB: https://bit.ly/36bEWhI
— Join our community here: https://bit.ly/3g4GONS

bothAnd (https://www.bothand.eu/) is hosting a 3-day, virtual summit on how technology can best serve Europe as we move through this massive transition in society. We believe it’s possible for everyone to have BOTH Privacy AND Public Health; to have BOTH Civil Rights AND Economic Well-being.

The bothAnd virtual summit is accessible to everyone and will operate under our Code of Conduct. Participants can join live sessions to present their views or comment on the privacy debate. All sessions will be recorded and published on the bothand.eu website. There will be additional reports in which multiple parties will comment on the view of their particular community.

We’re taking a bottom up approach to collaborate, co-create, and set the standards for future technology development. We will be inclusive, open, and transparent.

Privacy Policy Experts
Open-Source Community & Developers
Healthcare Professionals
Grassroots Movements & Community Activists
Creatives (Artists, Musicians, Designers)

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