#Online event: Using automation fabric to innovate your business

Date(s) - 16/03/2022

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For many years, digital transformation has been defined as the shift to innovate faster, but this definition is vague. While genuine transformation includes many things, automation is one of the most important elements. Multiple, separated automation programs exist everywhere. Although they have effectively improved many business functions, a comprehensive enterprise automation strategy remains unfulfilled. A systemic approach to automating the enterprise is emerging—the automation fabric. It is a philosophy more than a technology. Our guest speaker from Forrester shares how institutional behaviors will reshape the technology landscape to make the automation fabric real. The businesses who lead this approach will be the new leaders in innovation.

Join industry experts from Red Hat and a guest speaker from Forrester to:

  • Discover how the automation fabric will accelerate business execution
  • Understand that automation is about people
  • Explore how technology automation is the next generation of infrastructure automation

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