#Online event: Vent-Con 2020: Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

Date(s) - 17/07/2020
12:00 - 15:30

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Please join us for a virtual mini-conference on open source ventilators on the topic of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance.

About this Event

Please join us for a virtual mini-conference to review the impressive progress, discuss the uncertain present, and forge a path forward into the future for makers, philanthropists, investors, government officials, medical professionals, and manufacturers involved in building pandemic ventilators.

Since March, communities have formed around the perceived shortfall of ventilators needed to treat COVID-19. The pandemic created mayhem and confusion which has been painstakingly cleared away. We have now learned better what is needed to treat the disease, that the ventilators need to be more sophisticated, and that the crisis may have abated but the future remains uncertain, especially in the developing world.

The theme of the conference is: Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

The conference will have six sessions of approximately 25 minutes, attempting to bring together diverse speakers.

Conference Program

2:00 PM PDT, Dr. Erich Schulz, Medical Review

2:30 PM PDT, Michelle Lott, Common FDA Questions

3:00 PM PDT, Pierre Lonchampt, Risk Management

3:30 PM PDT Adam Gosik-Wolfe and Santosh Rohit , Design Controls

4:00 PM PDT, Robert L. Read, PhD, State of Open Source Ventilation

4:30 PM PDT, Marc Jones, A Legal Perspective on Risk Management

5:00 PM PDT, Project Presentations with Panel Q&A(5 mins each)

5:30 PM PDT Next steps – Closing Ceremonies (10 minutes)

Join the conversation now! Conference discussions will be held in several channels at the Helpful Engineering Slack Team.

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