#Online event: Virtual Kotlin Meetup – Intro to Quarkus & Declarative UI❤️Kotlin Multiplatform

Date(s) - 20/05/2020
19:00 - 21:00

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Welcome back to the Kotlin Athens meetup!

We’re kicking off the first virtual edition of our meetup with a joint event with the Dublin Kotlin User Group (https://www.meetup.com/Dublin-Kotlin-User-Group/).

We’re very exited to have two awesome talks lined up for you!


Georgios Andrianakis – Software Engineer @ RedHat

An Introduction to Quarkus for Kotlin Developers

This talk will introduce developers to Quarkus, Red Hat’s Container First Cloud Native Java framework and show how it can be used with Kotlin.


John O’Reilly – Software Engineer @ Neat

Declarative UI ❤️ Kotlin Multiplatform!

In this session John will demonstrate the power of both Kotlin Multiplatform and Declarative UI frameworks like Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI by live-coding the development of an Android, iOS and macOS app that utilises same shared Kotlin code.
He has been exploring these technologies over last year or so (some related articles at https://johnoreilly.dev/) and hopes to show that when combined they provide a productivity sweet spot for the development of multi-platform applications.


Schedule (EEST):

– 7.00pm: Georgios Andrianakis – An Introduction to Quarkus for Kotlin Developers

– 8.00pm: John O’Reilly – Declarative UI :heart: Kotlin Multiplatform!

– 8.50pm: Wrap Up


Please answer this one question survey to help our speakers tailor their presentations. Thanks! https://forms.gle/aABePytWcsMksz3v6

Spread the word, BYOBs 🍺🍺🍺 and pizza 🍕, and join the conversation!

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