#Online event Webinar: Blockchain and decentralized technologies for Public Services

Date(s) - 06/07/2022
11:00 - 12:00

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TOKEN is developing an experimental ecosystem that simplifies the implementation of blockchain and decentralized technologies within Public Services.

In this webinar, we will introduce the TOKEN Platform, a developer-friendly set of plug-and-play services and open-source components for building decentralized apps and services. So you can focus on building, not on infrastructure.
– Ready to integrate services
– Compatible with Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric Blockchains
– The platform provides a wide range of lightweight and highly scalable RESTful services and components across four major blocks – Notarization Services, Decentralised Storage, Decentralised Identities, and Messaging and Events Streaming

The webinar will also present some of the results of the collaboration between the FIWARE Foundation and Alastria association towards the seamless connection of Powered By FIWARE Architectures and Public-Permissioned blockchain networks like those promoted by Alastria or EBSI (European Blockchain Services Infrastructure). In particular, the webinar will introduce CanisMajor, a blockchain adapter that enables transparent notarisation of NGSI-LD operations, leveraging the powerful properties of the blockchain to build trusted FIWARE applications in all types of Smart Environments and future Data Spaces.

Token components and services can help to make transactions more transparent. Discover how it works and its application in different domains

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