#Online event: X-Road Community Event 2022

Date(s) - 23/09/2022

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Welcome to join the X-Road Community Event 2022 that takes place online on Friday, 23 September 2022. Along the way we will keep you updated with the event developments. In today’s newsletter we introduce some of the speakers and topics of this year event.

The open-source community around X-Road® is growing fast. It is already ten times bigger than seven years ago when a group of developers gathered to discuss X-Road-related topics.

Since 2018, community members from over 60 countries have annually participated in the X-Road Community Event. The event is for anyone interested in X-Road, and participation is free of charge.

X-Road® is open-source software and ecosystem solution that provides unified and secure data exchange between organisations.

X-Road is a standardised, cohesive, collaborative, interoperable, and secure data exchange layer that gives service providers an entirely new opportunity to make themselves visible in services directed at citizens, businesses, and civil servants. Creating entities that combine many different services and data sources is easy and cost-efficient.

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