Date(s) - 29/06/2022 - 01/07/2022

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EUSPA wants to mobilise the EU Space community and provide solutions to enhance humanitarian support to those fleeing the war. The European Union, its Member States, and Europeans across the continent have joined efforts to support people fleeing the devastating war. EUSPA is mobilizing the EU Space innovation community which can provide solutions to enhance humanitarian support. EUSP has nominated Ultrahack to organise the 1st EUSpace4Ukraine Hackathon which is going to take place on 29th. of June 2022 in online format.


The purpose of the hackathon is to develop solutions and applications for NGOs and helpers providing humanitarian help. Innovators across Europe are invited to leverage data and services from the EU Space Programme for a good cause. Examples of the points to be addressed are the provision of roadmaps for supplies, satellite temporary connection to replace broken landlines, identification of the level of destruction, creation of platforms for helping people integrate in new countries and coordinate private and public helper organizations.


Participants teams from EU27, Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland are allowed to participate and the prizes are meant for EU27, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway citizens only.

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