Open Source Deep Dive

Date(s) - 28/02/2018
12:30 - 17:30

Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties


Open Source, yes! But how?

The ultimate deep dive into open source: Why do open source, and how to decide your corresponding strategy. During the Blockchaingers Hackathon every team must have a clear strategy on how to offer their solution to potential clients and the ecosystem.

In this Deep Dive we will take a deep dive into open source, so you will be able to select and adapt to the model that is fit for your team, your solution and your market. Open Source expert Gilles Gravier (@gravax) of WIPRO will be joined by Laurent Bischof (@laurent_bischof) of Polytech Ventures. Polytech has made investments in open source projects and will explain how and why this is profitable. Arnold Reinders of the Dutch Ministry of the Interior is presenting the Dutch governments’ ideas and is looking for your input for a Dutch open source policy.

Jan Peter Doomernik, the track sponsor of the fully open source Machine to Machine-economy track will explain why and how he is taking this approach. Stefan Kunst of Blockchaingers will share the latest developments of the Blockchaingers Hackathon of April 5-8, 2018. Apply now: https://dutchchain.typeform.com/to/cTx5Ra

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