#OpenSSF Day

Date(s) - 20/06/2022 - 24/06/2022

JW Marriot Austin

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Monday, June 20 | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Lone Star Ballroom G/H, JW Marriott Austin
Registration Cost: Complimentary – Pre-registration Required

OpenSSF Day is a full day of sessions, hosted by Brian Behlendorf, General Manager at the Open Source Security Foundation. Presentations will be led by working group leads who will present on subjects such as Best Practice Badges and Other Good Practices, Three Things Your Open Source Project Must Consider, and Securing Critical Projects.

The day will conclude with a panel discussion on the Future of Securing Open Source Software.

Registration and attendance are free for all those with a conference badge.

The first ever OpenSSF Day has been added to the Open Source Summit in Austin on June 20. This is your chance to meet, in person, the members of the team who will present on SigStore, Alpha-Omega, Best Practices Badge, and SLSA.

Featured Sessions:

  • Latest advances for secure, digital signatures
  • Finding (and helping) fragile or risky packages
  • Automated techniques for measuring trustworthiness of open source code and communities
  • OSPOs, security teams, and open source maintainers – how they can work together for better coordinated vuln. disclosures


OpenSSF Day is included in your registration package at Open Source Summit. Check the “OpenSSF Day” box on the registration form and we’ll keep you in the loop as we add more sessions to the agenda.


We look forward to seeing you in person in Austin, June 20 – 24. This is our first chance to see each other in person and we’re all looking forward to it.

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