OpenTech Summit 2020 in Berlin

Date(s) - 21/05/2020

Motionlab Berlin Kreuzberg


The OpenTech Summit is a one-day event organised by the Technical University of Berlin and MotionLab to promote the use of open source solutions across Europe.

Taking place in Berlin, the OpenTech Summit is a unique event to bring together stakeholders and open source enthusiasts.

OpenTech Summit 2020What is the OpenTech Summit?

The OpenTech Summit aims to introduce the new trends and technologies of open source solutions. The first summit was held in Taiwan in 2009. This year’s Berlin edition will focus on the following topics:

  • Open Source and Free Software: Open source and free access to code and collaboration tools enable new ideas for web services and mobile apps.
  • Open Hardware and Free Networks: Specialists of open hardware solution will present this new trending area of collaborative solutions.
  • Open Data and Free Knowledge: The sharing and dissemination of open data and knowledge encourage the emergence of new ideas, projects, educational offers and start-ups.
  • Open Design, 3D and Libre Graphics: Numerous open design programs are now being used on a professional scale.
  • Internet, society and startups: The OpenTech Summit will gather experts on open solutions, especially on the issues of copyright, patents, licenses, startups and business models.
  • Linux: The modular operating system is being developed by software developers around the world who work on the various projects.

Besides the numerous panels planned in the event programme, the OpenTech Summit will also hosts various DYI workshops on open source solutions.


  • Mario Behling, AI
  • Alessandro Volpato, Biohacker
  • Hong Phuc Dang, FOSSASIA Founder
  • Andre Rebentisch,


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