Date(s) - 18/06/2022 - 19/06/2022

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Open Labs has been active since 2012. The community has grown and has been empowered though the organization of various events which we will try to reflect here.

The events that we organize vary from small meetings where we present various open source
technologies to conferences such as OSCAL which in the year 2017 had more that 300 participants.

Open Labs Hackerspace is a community based non-profit and non-governmental organization which aims to promote Free Libre Open Source Software, Open Data, Open Standards, Online Privacy and empowers the Public Domain and alternative permissive license

Open Labs is a community which promotes free and open source technologies, open data, open technological standards, online privacy and powering public domain and alternative licenses of creative works such as Creative Commons

Primary projects of the community are

  • Development of GIS systems with open data such as OpenStreetMap;
  • Open source browser such as Mozilla Firefox;
  • Wiki culture and more specifically projects from Wikipedia Foundation such as Wikipedia Shqip, Wikidata etc;
  • Productivity platforms such as LibreOffice;
  • Open source operating systems such as GNU/Linux

In this context we’re proud that in Open Labs communities which are part of the mentioned priorities are developed and developing

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