PostgresConf South Africa 2019

Date(s) - 08/10/2019 - 09/10/2019

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PostgresConf South Africa 2019

The third annual South African PostgresConf takes place in Johannesburg on 8 & 9 October 2019, with attendees representing a diverse class of professionals and companies from around the country and across the continent. This is an excellent opportunity for the database administration and developer community who use PostgreSQL to get to know each other, exchange ideas and learn about the current features and upcoming trends within PostgreSQL.

Open Source Week

Open Source Week brings 3 conferences together in the same week, with PostgresConf South Africa 2019 taking place the day after LinuxConf [ZA] 2019 and before PyConZA 2019, the Python programming conference and a shared workshop/tutorial day on the Wednesday, with all three conferences hosted at the same venue.

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