Prague City Data Congress (Open Data)

Date(s) - 30/05/2019 - 31/05/2019

Center for architecture and metropolitan planning

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Sustainability & Community Engagement

Sustainable urban development has been in the forefront of the EU and global agenda since the legendary 1992 Rio Conference. More than a decade later ICT developments started to come into the picture and changing a level playing field of the cities aiming to achieve excellence in environmental and social sustainability.

Despite the best intentions of city planners and data analysts, new technologies have not always been used for the benefit of the population. Therefore, within this thematic focus of PCDC, we are addressing the issues of socio-technical mismatches and opening a discussion about transparent smart city solutions beneficial for the citizens.

Mobility As A Service & Data Platforms

Datafication of our everyday lives grew exponentially over the last couple of years. Many pilot projects all over the world were launched to explore the benefits of smart mobility: electric cars, micro mobility, and self-driving vehicles. Most recently, mobility as a service became a way to extrapolate technologically advanced prototypes to reality.

In this section of PCDC, we will discuss the solutions for user-friendly mobility applications as well as for platforms integrating mobility data and easing the management of transportation flows.

Open Data & Open API

Within this thematic section, we will explore the variety of potentials for different types open data and open API. Also, the limitations of going open and necessity to secure data as well as the technicalities of working with the private sector in negations about open data and open API for city management will be debated.

Building Information Modeling & Data Modeling

The modeling section will present a glimpse into the future of smart cities and smart planning. The transformation most US cities are going through at the moment, shifting from data officers to data analysts, clearly indicates the strong direction that the future data departments will be focusing on more complex issues. For that, there will be a need to work with more complex tools, like data modeling. Although only a few cities are now ready for this transition now, it shall become a great goal and aspiration for many.

Czech Innovation

In this section, special projects and innovations coming from within the Republic will be highlighted with an aim to share the experience and spread the practice among experts.

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