#React Finland 202

Date(s) - 12/09/2022 - 16/09/2022


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React Finland 2022 will take place between 12th and 16th of September as a live conference at Paasitorni, Helsinki.

Our goal is to connect our valued speakers with our local community in the most fruitful way we can and provide Finnish hospitality to our conference visitors.

We hope to create something unique by combining our northern traditions with speakers and visitors from all around the world.

The Organizers

React Finland is organized as a community effort. All of us are developers and this shows in the conference.

The conference will be held at Paasitorni, a historic building in Siltasaari, near the center of Helsinki. Paasitorni is a gorgeous Art Noveue building that in past served as Worker’s House. From 12th to 14th, several meeting rooms will be used for the workshops. On 15th and 16th, the big congress hall will be the main conference location.

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