#Online event: sambaXP 2020– online edition!

Date(s) - 26/05/2020 - 28/05/2020



SambaXP 2020 is an online event!

SambaXP is the yearly Samba team meeting and it’s ecosystem of developers, users and vendors all around the globe since 2002. This year the event is not possible to be held in the usual Goettingen venue due to travel restrictions for many people caused by COVID-19.

Therefore, the organizing committee decided to organize a virtual event. The complete agenda will take place in online rooms that can be visited from any place in the world with internet connection and the speakers will give their presentations from their home or work place. Participants can switch between tracks more easy than in real life or even try to follow two talks at the same time! The event will be recorded if the speakers agree. The planned IO-Lab cannot take place for obvious reasons, we are sorry.

The SAMBA eXPerience 2020 will take place from May 26th – 28th 2020 online. It will be the 19th international SAMBA conference for users and developers. Attendees can meet the SAMBA Team, discussed requirements, new features and get an update on current developments.

New for this year’s event: the SMB3 Interoperability Lab (IO Lab) from May 24th -29th, 2020, Co-located with SambaXP!
The purpose of the IO Lab is for vendors to bring their implementations of SMB3 to test, identify, and fix bugs in a collaborative setting with the goal of providing a forum in which companies can develop interoperable products. Microsoft and SerNet provide and support networks and infrastructure for
the Interoperability Lab, creating a collaborative framework for testing. The participants of the Interoperability Lab work together to define the testing process, assuring that objectives are accomplished.

The SerNet/Microsoft SMB3 IO Lab offers:

  • the latest Windows client and server software from Microsoft, including test suites that help verify interoperability on various features of SMB3 protocols
  • technical support from SMB3 engineers to look at traces and help with diagnosing problems
  • interoperability Lab participants are covered by a non-disclosure agreement and entry is restricted to registrants only

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