A scalable, virtual, flexible workflow infrastructure in OpenMinTeD stack + DockerCon

Date(s) - 29/11/2017
19:00 - 21:00

the cube

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Imagine a continuously evolving collection of tools depending on heterogeneous environments, interconnected in complex workflows. In collaboration with our partners in OpenMinTeD (openminted.eu), we designed and built a scalable solution to orchestrate, execute and deliver the output of such workflows and we based our solution on the Docker ecosystem.

While working on OMTD, we faced some fascinating challenges. Why did we choose e.g., Galaxy (github.com/galaxyproject), Chronos (mesos.github.io/chronos), Mesos (mesos.apache.org), Docker Registry and Prometheus (prometheus.io) over other competing technologies? How we deal with compute and storage scaling, scheduling, interoperability, monitoring and accounting? What are the key design choices and how can we improve the system further using open source technology? Are we satisfied with its behavior and performance? Are there any regrets? We will explain and discuss our solutions.

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