#SRE Day 2022

Date(s) - 15/09/2022 - 16/09/2022

Design District

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Join us for two days of talks, workshops, learning and networking about everything SRE. Let’s talk reliability, observability, cloud, Kubernetes, SL{I,O,A}s, telemetry, alerting, logs, Chaos Engineering and more!

Build, test, and deploy can be a bloody nightmare. So we try in non-production environments and hold our breath, hoping that everything is okay when we push our deployments to production. When it’s not okay, we waste time mimicking a fake production environment. What if I told you we had a way to monitor our production systems based on the data we receive from them?
openmetrics-exporter (OME) is an Observability-as-Code software that metrics what Terraform is to Cloud Operations. OME uses HCL configs written in HCL syntax to connect to cloud-native sources and collate metrics using simple pipes, absorbing all challenges of distributed systems underneath.
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