The new EU telecommunications code in Greece and its effect on community networks

Date(s) - 09/07/2018
18:30 - 21:00

Impact Hub Athens


During a key turning point for society, when digital technologies play a central role in everyday life, small providers and community networks can facilitate the connection of the “unconnected” and contribute to the increase of digital literacy and emancipation.

But certain regulations in the new telecommunications code can create significant barriers for their sustainability. So, instead of the much needed expansion and replication of such networks, we might witness their shrinking and eventual disappearance.

Global organizations like ISOC and EU research programmes like NGI (Next Generation Internet) have identified the importance of Community Networks and they are increasingly supporting them through special funding schemes.  However, appropriate policy and regulation schemes are necessary. 

After a 2-day visit of the Sarantaporo.gr CN, this public panel in Athens, organized by the EU Horizon2020 project netCommons, brings together international experts and local stakeholders to build a better understanding of the key role of small providers and community networks, and their needs, how the new EU telecommunications code might affect them, and which precautionary actions can be taken today.

We will present to the Greek public the Community Network model and the worldwide movement aiming to support it, and the current legal and regulatory situation in Greece as an EU member state, through a series of 5min statements of special guests from abroad and local stakeholders.

We will then open the discussion to explore how community networks like Sarantaporo.gr can be supported and replicated.  

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