#Webinar:Protecting Smart-City Data and Infrastructure

Date(s) - 20/06/2022

Clarion Hotel Sea U

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The Meet-Up 20th June 2022 – Helsingborg (Sweden) Smart cities improve quality of life and sustainability by integrating data from connected sensors and computer systems. But in doing so, they expose residents to new threats. That’s why cybersecurity and data protection are fundamental to smart city success.\

Smart Cyber City Summit is a half day meet-up and networking event that will convene a group of teach heads, thought leaders, practitioners, and investors. We will wrestle with the hard questions that need to be addressed to construct the smart city on a solid foundation. The meet-up takes place during the H22 Expo, a premier international event dedicated to the city of tomorrow that is expected to draw 1 million visitors.

We want to help bridge the gap between technology experts and senior management involved with cyber security, networking, smart cities, software development, industry, government and technology services. With a mix of 15-minute lightning talks and hacking demos, our experienced speakers will share their knowledge and experience in the field from both technical and non-technical perspectives.

We will finish with a roundtable/room discussion hosted by David E.Williams and Matthew T. Carr

Protecting critical data and infrastructure

Smart cities are urban environments undergoing extensive digital transformation. These cities deploy new technologies to provide residents and visitors with advanced capabilities for mobility, environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and public safety. They continuously exchange information and data among their infrastructure and devices. security issues include shielding privacy and protecting critical systems from attacks and failures.

Cybersecurity for smart cities

Smart cities will help us live better lives, but also make us more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. However, with the expertise of the right people and tools, we can build smart cities on a fundamentally secure foundation, making them less prone to digital attacks, while creating a safer and more efficient infrastructure. A new generation of cybersecurity tools is under development for the smart city era. And an expanded cybersecurity workforce must be trained to use them.

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