Online event “Strengthening transnational cooperation and promoting of internationalization

Open Technologies Alliance (GFOSS) with the support of ODEON project partners invites you to the transnational online event “Strengthening transnational cooperation and promoting internationalization” on Friday 4th of December 2020 at 11.00 (CET), organized in the context of the ODEON project.

During the event, you will have the opportunity to attend three training sessions by experts in the field of Entrepreneurship and Open Data. In particular, you will be trained on:

  • Business Models in Open Data environments by Constantinos Manasakis, who will teach you how to identify business opportunities in an open data environment and which is the proper business model towards the effective delivery of the value and its components.
  • Go-to-Market strategies/Proof-of-Market by Yaneiza Mendez, which is focusing on the tools are needed to analyze the market and ensure that the idea is a real opportunity, which is offering a proper and strong value proposal. The session will give an overview about the Lean Canvas and how carry out the market fit assessment via interviews
  • Open innovation and Open data by Barbara Rovere, which is focusing on open innovation practices in the open data sector, as well as the strategic framework for practitioners aiming to implement Open Innovation in their companies.

You are also kindly invited to participate to the matchmaking sessions after the training sessions, in which you will have the chance to do 1-1 online meetings with ODEON participants from other countries (Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, Montenegro, France) to discuss about your business ideas and potential synergies.

The connection link will be sent to the registered participants by 3/12.

Registration is closed