Debian GNU/Linux Guide in Greek

ELLAK released an Open Source Guide in Greek about Debian GNU/Linux, one of the most respected Linux distributions. The guide, written by K. Margaritis, deals with most of the aspects of installing version 3.0 (codenamed ‘woody’) of Debian and many aspects of everyday use and administration.

It has been released under the Free Documentation License (FDL) and is available in many popular document formats, like OpenOffice, MS Word, PDF, Postscript, HTML, RTF and plain text. Furthermore, it will soon be available in a printed form as well.

It can be downloaded from http://www.ellak.gr/pub/OpenGuides/Debian.

Note: Please note that the guide is written in Greek. Your computer must be able to display greek characters properly.

This guide is only one of a series of Open Source Guides that GRNET is releasing. At the moment, OpenOffice and Mozilla have also been extensively documented in two similar guides. More information about these guides can be found in the ELLAK Open Source Guide main page: