#Online event:HalfStack Newquay

Date(s) - 01/07/2022 - 02/07/2022

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Due to COVID-19, the inaugural HalfStack Newquay is delayed until 2022. Our venue has open air options and we will do our best to provide a covid safe environment.

An authentic, high value experience for attendees and sponsors focused on creative JavaScript and web development.

The priority for HalfStack is the attendee experience, with great food, drinks, talks, swag, and community. Co-hosted by London’s longest-lived JavaScript meetup group and the organisers of Future Sync, HalfStack is coming to Newquay for the first time. HalfStack is a creative, one-day single track conference hosted in a relaxed environment.

HalfStack carefully curates talks that inspire and inform the audience in a highly interactive and entertaining manner. An initimate feeling where each attendee has time to meet one another; maximum capacity for HalfStack Newquay is 150 attendees.

Beyond the official event, we’ll have an optional informal afternoon at the beach on Saturday. Also for the first time you’re welcome to register and bring your kids. If there’s sufficient interest we’ll have an algorithmic coding session for kids 8 and up.

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