#Online event: Seminar Enabling Copernicus Big Data Analytics through European Open Science Cloud

Date(s) - 27/10/2021
13:00 - 16:30

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How do researchers in the field of earth observation gain access to the available data and computing facilities? This seminar explains what C-SCALE does and how Dutch research groups can participate.

Challenges for researchers

As the satellite data volume grows, so does the number of scientists involved in Earth Observation research. Challenges for researchers include appropriate computational resources to process the huge amounts of Earth Observation data whilst making these data easily accessible. A key consideration is how to ensure that the infrastructure access remains low-threshold and scales well with the volume of available data. Is it better to use in-house infrastructure, or can we rely on the continuity of external platforms?

The C-SCALE project

The Horizon2020 project C-SCALE (Copernicus – eoSC AnaLytics Engine), launched this year, connects Copernicus data with Dutch and European Infrastructure services to better facilitate Earth Observation research. In this seminar we explain what C-SCALE does and how Dutch research groups can participate via a new C-SCALE call

In addition, the participating C-SCALE partners will talk about their research and we will conclude with a keynote on international developments in the field of Earth Observation.

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